“The restoration efforts of the S. S. Columbia have buoyed other boat preservationists.”

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“Escape Manhattan … on a breezy day trip aboard a vintage steamship.”

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Will Van Dorp offers phenomenal photos of Columbia‘s interior in Tugster: A Waterblog (8/21/2017).

Mark Sommer wrote an extensive piece on Columbia’s past present and future in the Buffalo News (7/29/2017).

John Vargo reported on our trip upriver with Classic Harbor Line in Boating on the Hudson‘s May Issue (5/5/2017).

Geddy Sveikauskas of the Kingston Times reported on our recent New York State Council on the Arts grant, future plans for Columbia, and her unique connection to the civil rights movement (12/18/16).

Advisor Sam Buchanan is featured in the Detroit Free Press for his talents at making incredible models of Great Lakes boats – including Columbia (12/17/16).

Katie Alexander, of News 4 Buffalo, reports on the restoration of Columbia and offers videos of her private tour in this article (8/18/16).

The Classicist Blog interviews Executive Director Liz McEnaney about the restoration of the classically-detailed Columbia (6/23/16).

Advisory board member, Ron Soodalter, writes about Sarah Elizabeth Ray and Columbia in his article, “All Aboard: The Fight Against Segregation on Bob-Lo Island,” published in The Progressive (6/1/16).

Allison Rooney updates her readers on the SS Columbia Project’s tremendous progress and future plans in The Highlands Current (5/1/16).

Megan Billing writes about Columbia as a return to the romance of traditional transportation in The Monocle Minute (3/19/16).

Curbed News Editor, Patrick Sisson, writes about Columbia’s restoration and her future as cultural flagship – connecting New York to the Hudson Valley and people to a ‘lost era of transportation’ (3/15/16).

The Wall Street Journal updates its readers on Columbia‘s restoration and how the efforts are inspiring other boat preservationists (2/4/16).

New York Green Advocate writes about Columbia‘s restoration and her future plying the Hudson River (1/21/16).

Boating on the Hudson lauded Columbia as a “game changer” for the Hudson Valley in their Holiday Issue (12/2015).

Board member Ian Danic and his partner Chris Arnett were featured in the New York Times “The Hunt” (10/29/15).

Our honorary director, and the woman who inspires us all, Joan Davidson was featured in the Wall Street Journal where she gives a special shout-out to the SS Columbia Project (10/27/15).

Buffalo Rising highlights BuffaloSkyCam’s incredible video capturing Columbia’s arrival (9/4/15).

The Detroit Free Press uses footage from the shipyard, prior to the Columbia’s move to Toledo, to create this video (9/4/15).

The Fort Erie Times remarks upon the similarities between the Canadiana and the Columbia on the advent of the latter’s arrival in Buffalo (9/3/15).

The Buffalo News documents the Columbia’s arrival in Buffalo with this photo gallery (9/3/15).

Time Warner Cable News Buffalo offers great footage of Columbia’s arrival (9/2/15).

WGRZ welcomes the Columbia to Buffalo in this video segment (9/2/15).

The Blade captures great images of Columbia’s tow in its photo gallery (9/2/15).

Detroit Free Press’ Dan Austin writes a second send-off piece for the Columbia (9/1/15).

Dave Herndon and Jim Kasuba, reporters for The News-Herald, documents Columbia’s departure from the Toledo Shipyard (9/1/15).

Buffalo Rising offers the Columbia a warm welcome in anticipation of her arrival in the Queen City (9/1/15).

The Buffalo News reporter, Tiffany Lankes, draws parallels between the Columbia and the beloved Canadiana (8/29/15).

The Windsor Star reporter, Julie Kotsis, reports on Columbia’s upcoming tow from Toledo to Buffalo (8/28/15).

News-Herald reporter, Jim Kasuba, writes about the many facts that make Columbia unique (8/21/15).

Jim Kasuba discusses the SS Columbia Project and Columbia’s upcoming tow to the east coast (8/21/15).

 Tom Henry and Andy Morrison, reporters with the Toledo Blade, write about the goals of the SS Columbia Project (8/14/15).

13abc reports on Columbia and its role in the Civil Rights Movement (8/13/15).

Dan Austin provides details regarding free farewell tours of Columbia before she moves to New York (8/10/15).

Metro Detroit’s Elizabeth Scussel spreads the word about the SS Columbia Project and the oral history initiative (7/15/15).

Windsor Star reporter Julie Kotsis remembers working on Boblo Island and hearing the sound of Columbia’s steam whistle (7/9/15).

Geoffrey Platt describes the SS Columbia Project as a seemingly impossible dream that is about to happen (7/2/15).

Detroit Free Press reporter Dan Austin writes that Columbia will soon be calling New York State home (6/29/15).

Take a 3D virtual tour of the Columbia published by the Detroit Free Press (6/28/15).

The New Yorker reports on the SS Columbia Project’s partnership with Google to “street map” the Hudson River (6/24/15).

All Over Albany on the return of a steamship to the Hudson River (4/7/15).

The New York History Blog with an update on our progress (4/6/15).

The New York Times on the beginning of the boat’s journey from Detroit to New York (9/22/14).

The Detroit Free Times on saying goodbye to the Boblo boat Columbia (9/20/14).

The Old Salt Blog on the journey of the historic SS Columbia (9/20/14).

The Working Harbor Committee Blog with news on the anticipated arrival of the SS Columbia to the New York Harbor (9/20/14).

The Untapped Cities Blog on the movement to revive a historic steam vessel (9/19/14).

CBC News Windsor on the commencement of the restoration project (9/17/14).

The Detroit News-Herald on the boat’s next phase running on the Hudson River (9/16/14).

The Gossips of Rivertown Blog with an update on the SS Columbia project (5/18/14).

The Clio Guide with a history of the oldest remaining excursion steamship (11/22/13).

The Detroit News Herald on the stabilization work to be performed on the Boblo Boat (12/11/10).