Announcing the SS Columbia Project's Captain's Circle

The Captain’s Circle is a civic-minded group of risk-takers, dreamers and believers all committed to restoring the 115-year-old steamboat Columbia and return the grand tradition of day excursion trips on the Hudson River. Members support the SS Columbia Project’s mission: to launch a moving cultural and educational venue that shines a spotlight on the Hudson River and its cities and towns. Members will have the opportunity to gain exclusive tours of Columbia, meet with the crew, and attend special events in New York City and the Hudson Valley.

Individual Captain's Circle Membership: $1,000

  • Complimentary ticket to the annual Captain’s Circle Cruise
  • Complimentary tickets for 2 to the SS Columbia-inspired off-Broadway play Glory Be Columbia in Spring 2017
  • Complimentary tickets to 2 for all 2018 Summer and Fall events
  • Discounted tickets to the annual Captain’s Circle Dinner
  • First Offer ticketing for the Great Launch / Maiden Voyage
  • Reserved seating for the Great Arrival in New York Harbor
  • Listed on our website as founding member of the Captain’s Circle

Captain's Circle Members

Wint Aldrich

Lester Bartson

Hooper Brooks

Joan K. Davidson

Ian Danic

Bob Elliott

Martin Ginsberg

John Herrick

Clay Hiles

David Hochberg

Shirin Kaufman

Leonard Olds

Sahar Oswald

Jim Ottaway

Hugh Rouse

Jon Varnedoe

Pennell Whitney

Wheelock Whitney III

Jean Wort

Michel & Caroline Zaleski