SS Columbia: The People's Boat

A boat with 115 years of stories. Make her part of yours.

Imagine what it will be like to journey on Columbia as she steams north from New York City into the majestic Hudson Valley. People sun themselves on folding wooden chairs, excited by the life around them; they stroll along the decks and stop to watch the steam engine – all power and motion; feel your pace change as you become absorbed in the passing landscape.

These experiences, once common, were lost when the last of the grand excursion steamers went out of service and the Hudson River lost part of its heritage. We are bringing steam back to the Hudson Valley and are calling on you to help us revive this famed river tradition! 

We’ve made tremendous progress in the past few years. Thanks to the participation and generous support of so many people, Columbia has undergone a $1.6 million hull restoration. The boat has traveled over 250 nautical miles, glided across three rivers – Detroit, Maumee, and Buffalo – and crossed Lake Erie. She has passed the shorelines of three states – Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania – before landing for the first time in New York State.

Columbia is now docked in the Buffalo River at Silo City where the steamer has come alive as a cultural and educational venue. Our crew is now preparing her for the great journey.

Next stop: the Hudson River!

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