SS Columbia: The People's Boat

A boat with 115 years of stories. Make her part of yours.

Imagine what it will be like to journey on the restored 1902 passenger steamer SS Columbia as she steams north from New York City into the majestic Hudson Valley. People sun themselves on folding wooden chairs, excited by the life around them; they stroll along the decks and stop to watch the steam engine – all power and motion; feel your pace change as you become absorbed in the passing landscape.

Now imagine Columbia dockside as the premier event space on the New York waterfront, with her three decks and unique open air ballroom easily hosting  performances or parties for 1000 guests or more.

We’re in the middle of a multi-year, multi-million dollar restoration to make all that a reality. Partner with us now!


2019 is a critical year for the Columbia.  While her hull has been fully restored, The Great Lakes weather is taking a toll. This historic ship may be lost forever unless we:

Renovate Columbia’s traditional joinery, wood panels, and riveted steel supports, a process that begins this year with a laser scan that will document every inch of the ship and allow us to precisely duplicate Columbia’s exact details .

Relocate the ship from Buffalo to New York by way of a $2.5 million-dollar sea tow up the St. Lawrence Seaway and down the coast of Canada and New England.

Restore the vessel’s iconic superstructure and- once she’s in New York- refurbish her massive engine room and boilers.

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