“The restoration efforts of the S. S. Columbia have buoyed other boat preservationists.”

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“Escape Manhattan … on a breezy day trip aboard a vintage steamship.”

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We are restoring a majestic steamboat to connect
New York City to the State that makes it great.

We’ve made tremendous progress in the past year. Columbia has undergone a $1.6 million hull restoration. The boat has traveled over 250 nautical miles, glided across three rivers – Detroit, Maumee, and Buffalo – and crossed Lake Erie. She has passed the shorelines of three states – Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania – before landing for the first time in New York State. Next stop: Hudson River!

We’ve raised $4 million of the $5 million needed to get Columbia to the Hudson River. With the participation and generous support of you and others, we’ll make this happen!

$5 Million to Get Columbia to Hudson River
$4 Million Raised

The SS Columbia is the oldest surviving passenger excursion steamboat in the United States and a spectacular example of America’s vibrant maritime history. The SS Columbia Project, a 501c3 organization, is dedicated to interpreting, restoring, and operating this 113-year-old National Historic Landmark Vessel.